Review for Mikey and the Skittles Adventure

Mikey and the Skittles Adventure

(#) nadialexandra 2009-05-15

Oh God. I had my brother- a toddler- stare at me with a confused look while I laughed my ass off reading this. And he's a smart boy. He only uses that look when he's trying to open a locked door. So that shows how hard I was laughing.

Now, I do believe I reacted the same way when I had a Skittle. A yellow one, though. I seriously spazzed out, yelling at people to get me some more sugary-goodness. So I can sort of sympathize with Mikey when he couldn't afford them at the store. Oh, and My Chem Skittles? I'd buy 'em all if I had money. :]

Well, they always say "you are what you eat." I just never thought he's turn into a Skittle. Oh, Mikey... that poor, hungry, sugar-addicted man...

Very [hilariously] well done, Mr. gayestgoth. -tips fedora-