Review for Being Harry Potter XCIV

Being Harry Potter XCIV

(#) siaru 2009-05-17

With seven chapters read so far (the story is also posted at Twisting The Hellmouth, which doesn't have near the Ficwad engine's frustrating foibles), this is shaping up to be an intelligently written tale with a thinking Veteran!Harry and equally-intelligent Sidekick!Hermione... rather like DrT's works in that regard. Read the intro to first chapter for author's summary. Highly recommended.

Author's response

TtH is primarily a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic site, while this site (probably) has a larger audience. I will probably put the other fics I have up there up here once things are resolved. Don't be surprised if Buffy characters show up even in this fic, though it won't be very much at all. Just Harry's urge to 'fix' things again. ;)