Review for Frerard One Shot

Frerard One Shot

(#) lyrical_lies 2009-05-17

oh man! were to begin... ive been reading pwp's for a while now and ive found some pretty awsome ones! this is among the top 5. i was REAL. i could see something like this happening in real life. maybe. It was emotional in all the right ways and though it was short kept me reading till the end (which most dont).

This could be turned into a story and if it was i would deffinatly read. But i understand that in some cases that would ruin the one-shot.

still, great writing!
keep it up!!

going to read your other stories!

Author's response


thankies :D

im glad you liked it and im glad im in the top five haha :P

thanks for reviewing made me very happiful :P

xoxo Lottie oxox