Review for Dark Lord Rising

Dark Lord Rising

(#) juggler196 2009-05-18

I like it. Good opening, and a very good pace for a first chapter: diverge from cannon, explain the changing of ideals, and make the reader eager to read the next chapter as soon as it comes out. Starting the story before harry starts the tournament is definitely a different place to start, and i don't think i've read a story that started in that spot before (which is truly impressive, considering the massive amount of fanfiction out there). I'm definitely curious to see where this will go, and, while i'm tempted to go over to to read the rest of it, i think i'll wait for it over here. That being said, please update soon!:-)

Author's response

Thank you for your review. I do try to make things interesting, as do most authors, in order to move the plot along.

I've posted everything up to date now so there is no difference. The earlier chapters are being edited and will be touched up here and there as I finish.