Review for I'm Kind Of Gay (Im not okay parody)

I'm Kind Of Gay (Im not okay parody)

(#) MyChemicalSuicide 2009-06-12

I don't know why people are saying shit about this one, it IS really creative. I know I couldn't think of anything like it.
I could understand the shitty comments on your other little thingy, but this one was really good.
(And I didn't post anything on that one, because you've gotten enough negative comments, I think you understand it was wrong. oh and I'm not judging you, because I'm your age and to be honest, I probably would've thought of the same thing that you did)

And like I said before, I don't know you. At all. I don't even know your name, and no offence, but I haven't even gone onto your profile, and I still think this was really awesome.

So what they're saying is kinda.. stupid. No offence to them, but yeah.. like its really kind of dumb to hold a 'grudge' over the Internet just because they read something of yours that they didn't 'approve' of, meaning your other little blurb thingBut yeah, sorry I'm rambling. but I just talk to much. Sorry again. Haha.