Review for How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

(#) Fabnosity 2009-07-06

hey there of all sites ficwad is defo my fave and i would love for you to write a story about me, it would make my month even year lol. my name is laura or laura-belle.
im about 5'5" long brown hair nealry black with layers, deep blue eyes and pale skin, most people think im a goth but i dont dress like that, its just my hair and skin and all the eye make up i wear lol. , i dont realy know how to describe my face but i have big lips, most people say full. , im not slim or fat, just average and curvy, im pretty deep in thought and dont like the conform of magazines and the way people think we should be, i love metal and rock music killswitch engage, linkin park, anic fall out boy lacuna coil etc, im not loud or gobby but i wont let someone get away with insulting, and i will help anyone who i can..
if you were to write a story with me in i would love for it to be a god old romance with brendon urie ive always been partial to those, the build up is always so enthraling, unrequited love and all, im a bit of a daydreamer., though i feel the romance is slightly marred when people add a pregnancy storyline as things tend to get tense.. thanx for reading this if you are and if you need anymore info il be happy to tell you. love fabby xxxx