Review for Auditions!!!


(#) chocolatechortle22 2009-07-09

Eye color: grey (but it can change every so often)
Hair length and color: my hair goes a little past my shoulder, its brown ,slightly layered, with some honey brown higlights
Personality:I'm a spazz in need of a serious attitude adjustment, i am loud and have a serious temper and sarcasmy problem
Something you totally couldn't live without: music, books, friends, my sister, my pets, Grey's Anatomy
Preferred pairing: (please put a few.)Jon Walker or Patrick Stump, maybe Nate Navarro
Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear: I usually wear jeans a tee shirt an awesome pair of custom made converse that say Hey Moon on the side.
Any other important information that you think is neccessary: Im not academically smart but im street smart, i couls brake somebody's arm if i had the strngth, writing is my passion and mora than half the time im constucting scenes for my stories. thats it :)