Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) Sassy 2009-07-28

This just keeps getting more and more exciting!! And Matt??? Ugh!! I want to punch him!!

Gee's in love, but he really needs to get a grip, thank goodness for Ray!!

Poor Emily's reason for ignoring Bob was so sweet! I welled up!

Please tell me what 'Tivoing' is!!

This was SOOOO worth the wait!!!

More soon?? Please?? Pretty please??

Sas x

Author's response

Hi Sas,

I'm glad you think it's getting more and more exciting. I still have some shockers coming up. Yeah Matt's and ass but will he get his satisfaction?

Give the guy a break. If you saw your fiancee making out with someone they said they admitted they had feelings for, wouldn't you be a tad hurt?? Ray definitely puts things in perspective for him.

Tivo is short for tv video. It allows you to record while watching something else and stores it in the box itself as opposed to video taping or recording on a dvd recorder. It also can cut out commericials.

Thanks so much I was really struggling with it for some reason I rewrote the first part like three times.

Yeah I'm excited to write the next chapter as the proverbiale shit hits the fan. If you get too bored you can check out my other story. ;)

Thanks for the review I really appreciate it!!