Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) jajajajaime16 2009-08-03

ah, good thing you did that sneaky edit/move to front page thing, or I wouldn't of seen this...
still funny.
and Jeremy creeps me out for some reason O_O
maybe I'm wrong
yeah, probably
oh, and Florida is the hottest bitch ever...except for Arizona :`(
anyways...geez everybody on here loves to ramble, don't we???

Author's response

Tee hee friend Taylor so kindly pointed out that I made a few mistakes so I editeded them :)
O_O How does Jeremy creep you out? LoL
Ah! Florida has sharkss! Ha ha don't ask..I was watching the discovery channel last night and it was like, shark week or something like that XD

And rambling ish fun!