Review for I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

(#) ohsotay23 2009-08-18

Oooopsieee! Forgot to fill in the personality part. Ahaha. Fail.

Personality: Pretty much the moodiest person in the world. Straightedge. Spontaneous. Opinionated. Blunt. Caring. Nurturing. When someone is my best friend, I give them my all. Focused. Trust problems. Loud. Outgoing, but laid back. Quirky to the max dude. A bit OCD at times. I get bored veryveryvery easily. I laugh over pretty much anything and everything. Attentive and observant. Empathatic but a times very cold and closed off. Intimidating. Sarcastic. Addicted to Starbucks, tennis, and music.