(#) berngarttjo 2009-09-15

I read a lot of fan fiction. I review very little of what I read. This is one of the ones that definitely merits a review.

I was very moved by your story. Although I have never been in the military, I know many who have been and have seen from the outside the horrors that war inflicts. Your story was believable, and very moving. Hermione's character reminded me of another young military widow I know. Her husband was killed when she was pregnant with their first child. Having lived through my sister's experience, I could relate to the emotion in this story. Very well done!!!

Author's response

Hello, and thank you for making me an exception. To know I have touched someone's heart, is such a fashion is gratifying.

Hermione (and Ginny, for that matter) is very much like those widows. My wife and our son, died in a automobile collision, but it doesn't make the pain of their loss any less. My daughter and I survived because we had each other.

So many of our children are called off to die for the greedy old men who run the world, and those left behind are expected to make it on their own. Sigh!

As someone said "War! Good God, Y'all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'!"

I'm glad you could help your sister through what was the single most painful experience of her life. That's what family is for.

You're a good man.