(#) Hamm_On_Wry 2009-09-18

Very poignant and moving story. I too have buried an (ex) wife and children and know the guilt the survivors feel. Fortunately I never had any of my friends die while we were in the service, but I did bury a friend who was killed in Vietnam prior to my enlistment.

While I was never in combat, I honor those of you who were and would like to tell you, thanks for your service and sacrifice to our country and welcome home.
Hammy (Doc)

Author's response

It's never easy to say good bye to someone you love.

Sometimes I feel I got someone else's share of pain, but i also realize that there is a reason behind it. The Christians believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. and the Buddhists, believe that to have such negative karma one must have earned it in a previous existence.

Either way, I hope I have a better life the next time.

I also thank you for your welcome. You wouldn't believe how rarely we get them.