Review for In another World

In another World

(#) Beywriter 2009-09-19

haha I never thought I'd see this story again.
I'd almost given up hope looking.
I red this years ago but I lost the site.
I was desperate to find it!
Its one of the earlies fanfics I've ever red that I truely remember.

This story is wonderful.
I really, really loved this.
Its a truely amazing story.
I was so happy to find this again because its an awesome fic.
I hope you haven't discontinued it.
I'd like for Ray to have a happy ending and return to his home town.
I'm begging for an update!
Thanks so much for writing a brilliant story that now I've found I can reccomend to everyone.

I noticed your on, can you tell me your penname please?
mine is Beywriter.