Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) areyounormal 2009-10-17

Heya Moonshyne!

That was incredible! I'm quite breathless! I've rated it as moving but it could so easily have been so many others.

No matter how disgusted Sarah was it must have taken a lot of courage to go to the police. Poor Emily! The poor child scared of men because of that evil bastard!!! I'm so glad he was arrested at work, he deserves utter humiliation. When they find out in prison what he did his life won't be worth living. Good!!!

It's good that Gerard has made up with Ray. Understanding after all this time must be so hard for him.

Great idea of Bob's to go back to Chicago, get Emily far away from all the nasty memories. I just hope it all works.

Loved it! Brilliant! Can't wait for the next chapter :D

Sas x

Author's response

Hi there Sas,

Thanks so much for your compliments, I really appreciate it.

Yeah it was very courageous, because she knew she would be in trouble too. She finally stood up and did the right thing. I know there goes his perfect reputation though I'm sure there are a few people who are smiling at the moment.

Yay Gerard and Ray made up yes Gerard finally has all the pieces and understands what happened on that night.

Yes it is and get Alyssa away from Gerard.

Thanks again so much!!