Review for Vampires Will Never Hurt You But Lycans Might.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You But Lycans Might.

(#) CyanideChild_ 2009-10-20

Omg!! Im getting so into this!!
And thanks Sam xD Your awesome !!
:L This is really getting so so good - Sir stares alot lol! I wouldnt mind if frankie was staring at me ;))
And omg - the postman part made me lol.
Update this soon!
Or i may hurt you!! :PP
oxox gee

Author's response

Lol, I'm not awesome. And pwease don't hurtz me! I have most of the 6th chp typed out so it was will be posted up tonight and the 7th chp is written out. It just needs to be typed.

Oh also the postman part actually happened to my friend. He refused to do the post at her house anymore. So they had to get this other guy to just do the post on her house as well as where ever else he did the post. I actualy fell over laughing when she told me the story. XD

xoxo Sam