Review for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

(#) DarQuing 2009-10-29

I think what I love most about this story is how you're developing the characters. Up until I think two or three chapters ago, Albus tended to be in the background. And gradually you've introduced him as a bit of an villain. He seems a bit more like an anti-villain at this point (feel free to look up the word :) ), but I think gradually we'll see that he's about as much of a villain as Riddle.

Please update soon! :D

Author's response

Whether or not Albus is a villain is a matter of historical review- you'll have to judge once all the facts are in (end of sixth year). Holly's statement 'Your enemies aren't necessarily my enemies, Albus' does point out that Holly doesn't consider him one of the 'white hats'. Then again, she's a murderer (Quirrel, Flint, Sim-Holly).