Review for My Confused Love[sequel to my drunk love]

My Confused Love[sequel to my drunk love]

(#) Moonshyne 2009-11-07

I swore I reviewed this chapter or maybe meant to and something happened.

This was definitely one of those chapters that was cute. Bob and Tissa not really sure about leaving their child in the hands of Gerard and as we can see in the end with good reason.

I loved the whole date. How it started off rocky because they both had some issues they needed to work out but as the night eased on Tissa realized that maybe Bob wasn't so thoughtless after all.

I really loved this chapter.

Author's response

Hi there (:

It's okay, thank you for reviewing still (:

Just to make it clear, Gerard was NOT Tissa's first choice, but seeing as everyone was unavailable...well you can see what happened lol!

Yes it was rocky, I tried to make it seem as believable as possible...They still had differences to work out, but I think now it won't be so tense. Tissa does realize that maybe Bob was right after all. He did change..

Thanks for reviewing. I can't say it enough.