(#) Emo_musik_chick 2009-11-14

I think LynZ's absolutely amazing. She's talented, sweet, stunning, and HELLO BITCHES, the father of his incredibly beautiful baby. So I get pissed when people diss her.

I just also happen to read, write, and pretty much breathe Frerard. But I'm a good multi-tasker, I can do both :D

But I still adore LynZ. And all the other guy's wives, for that matter. They're fantastic. But with LynZ, I feel like she gives Gerard a love he really needs after all he's been through. She's great support for him, and I feel like he emotionally depends on her and she is more than equipped to help. They love each other, and it's beautiful.

So when people trash her, for ANY reason, I'm just like...errrrrrgh. Get a life, they're 1/2 priced right now at Wal-Mart >_>