Review for The Bundling Charm

The Bundling Charm

(#) Rinnbaku 2009-11-17

You know, I've read a whole bunch of time-travel fics (usually Harmony-based) and 'soul-bond' fics that could use this charm, especially when dealing with the troublesome problems that spring up from 'Mione's parents.

Usually, those problems are dealt with by making it a 'life or death' bond where Harry and Hermione physically cannot be separated (lest they die), or by making the elder Grangers into free-thinking liberal extremists who spend all their vacations visiting Nude Beaches on the continent, and think nothing of their little girl finding her happiness with an eleven year old boy...

This charm gives me ideas for the 'life or death' situation. One would think that the wizarding world has encountered similar problems in the past and has come up with solutions, no matter how rare the problem is...

And now I must go off and turn those ideas into writing. I will definitely give credit where it is due; Genius like this deserves no less, after all.

Rinn ^_^