Review for Miserable At Best

Miserable At Best

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-11-25

Dude.. that was a reallllly short little dabble-ish thing! Ha ha I LOVE that song :) I just can't exactly sing it allll the time >.>

So today.. I am being forced.. to eat at my grandma's.. for an early "Thanksgiving" dinner (I used quotes because she's a Jehova's Witness and doesn't "celebrate" holidays LoL) She says her friend gave her to turkey so she may as well cook it. Suuuuure, Grandma, suuuuure :)

Write more of that other fic soooooon, I tell ya. Sooooon!

Author's response

It is a great song :)

My friend is a Jehova's Witness :)Well I hope you have fuunnn!! :)

And I am writing moreeee! I'm hoping the next chapter will be up tonight or tomorrow. :)