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Caught Up In This Web

(#) MyNameOkay 2010-01-17

I Love How The "Music That Helpled.." Was Either An Emo Band.. Or A Disney Band >.<

I Guess I Totally Forgot Our Musical Differences Lol.

But I Lurveeee It
I Almost Got Sad Over The Jeremy Thing Lol

And Im Thinking About Not Writing TOSOTW Anymore.. It's Weird How My Stories Always End At The 4th Chapter Lol



Author's response

Yeah, about that.. See, I was listening to a spoof on that Miley song and then I decided to see which version was better and I just HAPPENED to be writing, and well.. IT DIDN'T HELP ME WRITE IT! I was just listening to it LoL

I've noticed that too! It's really annoying!