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My Love

(#) bubbly-gum 2010-01-24

Name: Violet/Vi (just like Rayne it's my fave name for now XD)

Age: 18

Appearance: 5'8. Lil bit chubby. Big blue eyes. Bust lenght cherry red straight hair, black layer underneath. Ghostly pale skin. Thick rimmed dark purple glasses (kinda like Mikey's). Never seen without thick black eye-liner on.

Clothes: Black or acid colour skinnies. Always high-top converse of flats. Plain t's and waistcoats. I sooo have a thing for large bow hair accessories. And braces as in the ones you put on trousers. I wear them hanging down. It's like my thing, lol.

Hobbies: singing, reading, i-pod, coffeeeee, chocolate, horror films, reading about mythical shit, old disney movies & talking/texting.

Extra: Loving Gerard or Frank(can't decide, lol). Once you get to know me I don't usuallly shut up. I'm really sarcastic in a kinda odd yet funny way. I'm always doodling on my hand. I'm into Doctor Who and other geeky shit like that. And my pink i-pod called Freddie goes every where with me. The crazy friends get worried when he's not with me. :P

Aaaaand that's everything...

xoxo Sam