Review for The Art Of Love

The Art Of Love

(#) EvieSaunders 2010-02-05

this chapter was good!
it makes me feel real sorry for rhi, and makes me feel like i know her.
franks girlfriend comeing in soon? ;D
nahh im joking, i just thought it would be good, if you feel it wil ruin it then dont put me in xD
greeeaaat story!
really coming along!
love youu! and the story ofcorse :D

Author's response

I've got a story line planned out, something else is going to happen, not as dramatic, and then I know where you're coming in. I'm not sure how many chapters time that will be but I reckon by next week 'Evie' will be involved.
Thank you for the review as always.
And thank you for the love, I'll give you some too =)