Review for A Refutation of Dumbledore

A Refutation of Dumbledore

(#) siaru 2010-02-14

Permission from whom? In situations like this, you're supposed to attribute it to the actual author. Either amend your story-post to add a disclaimer to credit the actual author of the words and disclaim ownership for yourself, or post such a credit here in the review stream.

Not arguing at all with the substance. I'm taken to calling the overall seven-book series "Harry Potter and the Triumph of Evil", because, from the epilogue, it's clear that a predatory status quo is back firmly in place, and Harry and Hermione are too doped up and disabled to fight it.

Author's response

I amended my note and moved it to the front of the piece and added to the description. It showed up in a private fanfiction group I frequent and the original poster (Xagyg117 on that site) doesn't put his fiction on public sites but let me repost this since it was basically just his thoughts on Dumbledore.