Review for A Refutation of Dumbledore

A Refutation of Dumbledore

(#) Alorkin 2010-02-14

I agree but I don't think you went nearly far enough. I actually believe Dumbledore is the epitome of evil. Not only for the abuse he encouraged against Harry but for the actions and inactions he's taken for the rest of the wizarding world.

Dumbledore's arrogance has caused more problems for the British wizarding world than all the actions of both Grindelwald and Voldemort put together. Throughout his reign, he has constantly paid lip service to the 'light' while all the while, employing the darkest methods of the lowest of criminal minds...the politician.

You mentioned Ariana. It's convenient, is it not, that Dumbledore's disabled and mentally damaged sister, who was no longer an asset to either her family or to any potential alliance, was killed in the fight between brothers.

According to canon: "no one knew who cast the fatal curse..."

What were they doing using lethal curses in such a squabble in the first place, especially in the presence of a mentally challenged bystander?

Not only is Dumbledore partially responsible for the crimes committed by Gellert, he is wholly responsible for the thousands of deaths, muggle and magical, caused by Voldy and the Voldettes. In fact, he takes on the very slogan Grindelwald used. He still believed that the wizards should rule the muggles an that she should rule the wizards.

I believe he actually created Voldemort.

Given the canon timeline, I believe that Riddle didn't 'just happen along'. I believe Dumbledore was actually instrumental in his conception. After all, Merope was a barely capable witch. How did she manage to brew a tremendously finicky 'love' potion?

Alchemy isn't that far removed from potions, is it?

I believe he realized that he needed an expendable weapon to use against Grindelwald, who was by then, a superior wizard, and so he 'arranged' for one to be born.

Though not supported, I believe he was also directly involved with Merope's decision to discontinue the potions, and the second Riddle was clear of them he said 'adios'.

It wouldn't, after all, be conducive to Riddle's martyrdom if he was raised in a loving environment.

Instead, I believe Dumbledore 'directed Merope to that orphanage, and as soon as she had birthed Riddle, 'induced' heart failure. I believe he ensured Riddle was placed in an institution where he could 'influence' how his pawn was treated. He knew even then that a child raised in adversity and then shown some inkling of concern would automatically latch onto the source of that concern.

Riddle entered Hoggy's in Sept of '38,(No cut-off date then, I suppose.) and finished in spring of '45, and if Germany hadn't surrendered in May of that year, he would have found his way into the front lines. Remember, estimates showed the war continuing for another two to three years. Hitler's suicide and Germany's surrender came as a shock to almost everybody.

I believe Riddle discovered his intended fate early and decided to do something about it. To become stronger than the one he knew was going to sacrifice him, he turned to the one branch of magic Dumbledore refused to allow, because he had no skill in that area.

The dark arts.

Having been both a police officer and a Marine, I have killed in the line of duty.

Do I feel guilty? Yes. Am I evil? No.

I had a job to do, and in each case, the individual in question was doing his utmost to kill me, or someone nearby.

~~...and furthermore allows a talking hat to place him in Slytherin the psychopath factory.~~

At the time, Slytherin was not considered to be any more 'evil' than any other house. It was only after Dumbledore began teaching there that they developed the reputation of being Dark lord wannabe's.

Co-inky-dink? I think not.

The best way to create a unified nation is to give them an element they can unify against. Ask any dictator.

I don't condone Riddle's methods, of murder, but I wonder if some of that reputation was driven by a certain twinkly-eyed meddler, to establish himself. How better to present an enemy than to portray him as a soulless psychotic.(See "Faces of the enemy' by Sam Keen. Harper & Row, 1986.) How better to present one's self than as an omniscient figure with the good of the world in mind?

Harry Potter: Dumbledore realized A) He'd lost control of his weapon and B) that said weapon was now too powerful to destroy on his own, and so, he decided to recreate the experiment with slightly altered parameters. This new weapon would be carefully watched and any sign of independence would be beaten out of him.

The order of incompetence.(With apologies to Fawkes.)

Dumbledore's 'order' is effectively worthless as a fighting arm and nearly so as an intelligence gathering agency. His penchant for keeping all information to himself prevented what he claimed the order was for. Moreover, the single 'defection' is highly suspect.
The Prophesy: It was Dumbledore who set the prophesy in motion, not Voldemort. How any general could have a meeting with a potentially invaluable intelligence source outside a secure environment, an environment with a higher concentration of criminal lowlifes than Knockturn Alley, and yet taken exactly zero prevention measures, against leaking said information, is beyond comprehension.

He had to know the Death Eater was listening. It makes no sense not to. This is where Harry Potter comes into the picture.

Was the prophesy real, or was it something he made up?

If Snape really was a spy for Dumbley, he would have been killed when Voldemort regained a body. Karkaroff was, and he only refused to continue in Voldemort's service. I believe Voldemort ordered Snape to seed disinformation, or give factual information with insufficient time to act on it.

Dumbledore cheerfully looked the other way as his minions were slaughtered at the behest of the disaffected baby boomer.

Worse, Snape tried to make a deal with Voldy. Said dark lord could kill the husband and baby, if Snape could have the a sex slave.

Love? I don't think so.

Your assertion states that Dumbledore allows these things to happen. In fact, he forces them to happen. He encourages and facilitates Harry to his stupidity and if someone is hurt, or dies, he puts on his 'Disappointed grandfather #3' face, to make the kid feel as guilty as possible.

Sirius: Dumbledore arranged for Sirius to go to prison because Sirius could have legally removed Harry from the dubious 'care' of his relatives, derailing Dumbley's plans. As before, growing up in a happy, loving home is not conducive to martyrdom.

~~Wanna know what kills him?~~

His own greed, stupidity and carelessness. Actually, it's Darwinism drawn to it's logical conclusion.

~~Magic 101 that you DO NOT TOUCH EVIL RINGS OF POWER.~~

I believe it's also somewhere in 'The Handbook of Rules for Evil Overlords.'

Crapilogue. "The differenter things get the samer they stay." The entire effort was a complete waste.

Despite the battles fought, the lives lost and the damage done, the Death Eaters are released without penalty. Malfoy is still spouting that purist crap, and by the way, had anybody called my wife a 'mudblood', I'd have knocked him on his arse! Why didn't Ron? Why didn't Harry, or Neville, for that matter?

Well, them's muh thoughts.