Review for New Love!

New Love!

(#) punk1210 2010-02-21

so,umm hey.names valerie but you can call me val i kay's friend from the neighborhood and she told me to check out your i did cuz i was bored.i guess it was pretty cool and funy.keep working on it.i rated it for being funny,so thank me.well,i guess i should tell kay about this new story of yours.i think she'd absolutely go crazy seeing that she is in one of ur storys.shes actually told me some suggestions for her story of you.
one was about you being some bounty hunter and then some guy comes and changes your life completely or whatev,and i think there was one about u bein a vamp and gettin atracted to some human and al.i dunno.
dont tell her though,she always wants to have some stupid surprise for the ppl she nos.
and im pretty sure this reviews gettina bit long,so ill just end it.
see ya.