Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) dennisud 2010-04-01

Well they did have to justify the fact of Luke and Mara Jade marrying, and having offspring.
I can't wait to see how harry and the Ministry Six will develop and I suggest Ginny go with Neville while 'Harrmione" add's Luna as their 2nd spouse! Remember they have to have a balance and Hermione-Harry-Luna balance quite well!
Oh and as for Ron, Give him Susan Bones to mature him and get his head straight, as Madam Bones will still be around!

Author's response

I assume you're talking about the new -v- old codes.

While the ministry six will be involved, I have already selected the pairings.

Celestial Harmony is a difficult threesome to write, and not applicable here. I want this to be mostly serious. With those three, I don't think it can be.

Ron is going to be Ron. That's all I can say for now.