Review for One Image Tells All...

One Image Tells All...

(#) NeonLuvs 2010-04-17

Hi, I like this so far, I thought I'd give it a go?

Name : Sabrina Williams (nickname: Sabby or Brina.)

Age : 19?

Looks: Black shoulder length hair, with a fringe, red peeakboo highlights. Brown eyes, narrow face, pouty lips, average figure, 5'5, C cup, not that's really necessary to say (: has a tattoo on her wrist that says 'all you need is music.' and a leo sign on her other wrist.

Personality: Shy, humorous, caring, protective, loves music with a passion, likes to take pictures of random things and people. Has an obsession with Tokyo, Japan for some reason. She's too kind hearted, and can't say no sometimes....

Role: Ray's Gf? Or any role (:

Thank you (: