Review for Phoenix Eclipse

Phoenix Eclipse

(#) Cateagle 2010-04-25

Okay, it looks like Shyamal is going to have to very carefully navigate between several conflicting groups in order to protect his sibs and himself. From what I've seen here, I have to wonder if that was a Death Eater attack on the Potters or if Edward provoked Harry to the point where he made a spontaneous animagus transformation into a large and dangerous big cat. There's still a lot left to fill in, but you're doing a nice job of sketching in the outlines to let the readers get a better feel for what's happening.

Author's response

Yeah, Shyamal is fifteen and as they were protected in the Elven kingdom, he isn't like the other cliche Harry's who are so intelligent, they can handle politics at a very young age. I'm trying to keep him in tune with average child development.

Harry didn't know to transform into his Animagus side as he learned that from the Blood Elves.