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Be My Hero

(#) SmashAuthority2 2010-05-11

This was AMAZING. I simply loved it. I know how you usually write funny stuff but this was touching.
It really pi**ed me off that guy Paul was bullying her so badly. Was he doing it because he liked her, or was he just a sick mother? Either way I told my bro about the dude picking on a girl and my bro (who's a bit of a psycho) started ranting about how he was going to rip his head off! I had to remind him it was just a story!!
And I liked Jared's character, he was sort of mysterious. A bit like superhero's are!
Anyway, before I fill up the whole damn page and bore you to death. Once again, good job. This was an enjoyable story. Well done. xx

Author's response

Haha, thank you! I guess in a way Paul liked her. I mean, what kind of girl would like a dick like that, y'know? (I personally like guys with a little bit of meanness in 'em, but ah!)

Your brother sounds cool :) I'm glad I got such a reaction out of you, chickie!

My teacher is making me wait till Thursday so that I can read it to her Lol She says she wants to "Hear my voice when she pictues it" because it's been so long since I've read to the class ^^

I lurve you!
Blue Moon
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