Review for #1 Crush

#1 Crush

(#) ShotGunSinner 2010-05-12


It just is ya know?
Its not the typical high school romance and THANK YOU for not having a girl as romantic just irritates me.

Ya know if you ever want to add more.....which i think you could and should wink
please do and let me know cause this is awesome and lovely and awesome

Author's response

I'm really glad you liked it! :)

I never do "typical" so it makes me smile when people notice. I can't stand OC, like: she has purple hair, is perfect for Frank/Gerard, and is soooo misunderstood... yeah totally original -_-

Already added another fic (and you've already reviewed it ^_^)
Thanks for taking the time to review it really means a lot to me. You're awesome.