Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) shehadtheworld12 2010-06-29

God, it seems like forever since I reviewed, but oh wait, it has been forever! I should sue you for stress and waiting so darn long! haha just kidding, I could never sue you, I lurve you too much (:

The outfits are so pretty! idk, why but I'm like really digging Taylor's dress lmao.

I so wish Gerard and Amy would just get it on like Donkey Kong, is that so wrong?!

I'ma stop myself, and just tell you to please update soon, and hopefully not make me wait 6 months? :D


Author's response

Haha I promise I will TRY and update in less than 6 months :D

And the Donkey Kong thing? Hey, at least I put SOMETHING kinky in there, right? xP Even if it did end kinda.. bad..ish..

Anyway, nobody cares!
All that matters is you liked it lol