Review for Won't Change A Thing

Won't Change A Thing

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2010-07-12

I love how awkward she is! It's so funny (: And I think I'm right in assuming that this is maybe/possibly how you'd act? Haha

I like how you edit, btw. Like adding the start in the word b*tch and whatnot. It really makes my day a lot more smiley! Lol

Write more soon (:

Author's response

LOL xD Thanks.
And yeah, Raven's my dream me.
If I have a dream and I'm in it it isn't me it's her.
So really we're the same person, we just look slightly different. We act the same talk slightl;y different (she has a slight hint of a jersey accent).

And writing the next part around my work experience atm. So hanks :)

OH! And the star in the swearings 'cause my Mom'll have a go other wise xD
Silly really it's only one letters differnce xD