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(#) Teresa 2010-07-12

Many thanks for the latest chapter! It seems as though Harry's plans are working well (crossing fingers), though Voldy, at least has started adjusting to the current situation. I hope that his assasination squad doesn't succeed! It's ironic that their first effort actually took out a serial killer and cost a few troops! If Voldy and the DE's knew that they'd have fits..... snicker Rita's article was well done, and I loved Dumbles tantrum! The house elves might need to set up a special cleaning supply closet just for him. I like seeing how much they are enjoying themselves. I'm glad that Dobby has the memory and gave it to Harry; Hermione and his primaries would love seeing it. Mackenzie has certainly started getting the troops into shape, and I wonder if he's also given said troops a few thoughts about their own as in what hidden talents and skills they might have never mentioned. Is Snape going to have an "unfortunate accident" soon? The rapist scum should meet up with an unpleasant fate, whether it's via lightsaber or something nastier! Pity he can't have a close encounter with dementor before they leave, and Scrimgeour should meet them too! Awwwwww.......Voldy's addicted to his headache potion. Well Dumbles did say that Harry could use love against Voldy, and sex is one way of expressing it (chuckle) What are the odds that Draco might find out about that little problem and say something in the hearing of Harry's allies? It would be embarrassing for Harry and Hermione but it might inspire them to be even more creative; I'm sure they haven't gotten through Harry's birthday books, etc yet! I also enjoyed seeing Vernon getting the word from Joshuah; but just how stupid is the idiot? He's seen what his nephew's lawyer is like and he thinks that he'll be able to go back to the old days? Didn't it occur to him that Dumbles can't make this go away as he did in the past? He'd better start seeing the realities of the situation soon. Then again, by the time Harry's finished with him he might think a jail cell is heaven! I loved that scene with Cho and Draco; and it should scare Voldy too! His tactics have worked in Britain so far, but he'd have less success with warned opponents. If Cho's family has alliences with other families/groups Harry and Amelia could gain some more official and unofficial allies. Who knows, perhaps a certain Dr. FuManchu does exist; and whether he was magical or not he'd outclass Voldy big time! The scene with Arthur and Molly was good, and I always enjoy seeing Arthur settle matters with Molly. I'm suprised though that Dumbles hasen't said anything to them about the kids yet. Or is it just that he hasn't gotten around to it yet with all the other shocks? Pity Poppy had to burn that copy of the Prophet, but I suppose she had to follow the Hippocratic Oath.........

Author's response

Hi, Teresa.

Yeah, Harry is keeping a step ahead, for now. It's what happens when you have competent advisers and listen to them...something neither Dumbledore nor Voldemort do.

Much of Harry's plans have been formed and firmed already, but unlike his opponents, he's flexible.

We shall see the unfortunate result of his in-and-out squad, next chapter.

He'll never know. He sees the muggles as barnyard stock, nothing more. Even Dumbley will see the death of the murderer, as a sidenote.

Rita's story: Yep. Pride goeth just before your ass hits the ground! She pretty much slammed everybody but Dumbley got the most damaging hits, and as you expected, he didn't take it too well.

The House-elves. I was working on this scene,and wondering how I'd have Dumbledore react to his three time humiliation, when Dobby poked me on the arm and said: "Dobby has a idea for you. The house-elfs at Hoggywarts is telling Dobby that they is not having much to do, and they is needing more work. Headmaster Professor Albus Dumbleydore is needing a lesson about being naughty, but Headmaster Professor Albus Dumbleydore is not going to be liking it, so Dobby was thinking, why not have Headmaster Professor Albus Dumbleydore make a big mess so the house-elfs at Hoggywarts is having something to do?"

I said, OK, and he popped away.

For the meantime, he'll be mourning the loss of a hundred years worth of plans and the like, but this is not the end of Dumbledore's temper.

While the few parents there will be available to the students, for the most part, they are refugees. Harry hasn't isolated them, but he's kept them separate, both for thier own safety and for the student's focus.

If they want to help out, he'll be glad for their expertise, but for the most part, they'll be in the background. On the other hand, should Harry or his lieutenants see any potential force users, he would definitely have a word with their parents.

Snape: I detest Snape with a passion. His canon character is far too much like one aspect of my father's. (Unfortunately the other sides are very much like Dumbledore and Vernon.) His 'reward' as it were, will come at the end, and no, I didn't want to send the dementors off with a bellyache. 'Little accidents' on the other hand, are a different thing entirely.

Scumgouger: I detest him too. He's a bully and a coward, and the only reason I had hm in this at all is because he was mentioned in canon before Book sux. He's also going to get it in the end, but he, like Dumbledore will do all the work.

Memories: You betcha!

Voldy's addiction: Not quite yet, but it will be coming...with all the side effects. K'know, paranoia, spurts of rage, irrational actions...oh waitaminute! This is Voldemort. Ummm...nemmind.

Draco: While a good idea, Draco is first, in school, and second, he's not all that important to Voldy. Any audience with him will be formal,(such as his impending assignment) so he's not likely to see Ol' snake-lips in less than a perfect light.

Vernon: Mr Grunning has let him know in no uncertain terms, that he's now at the bottom of the scrotum pole, but as I said before, Vernon is not the sharpest tack in the box.

~but just how stupid is the idiot?~

By asking that question, you've given the answer.

Old habits and all that. Until it's driven forcibly through his skull, he will always think he's Harry's superior. He'll try to hedge, but that's what I have Carolyn for. She has all the power over him, and he hasn't even been to court yet.

~Didn't it occur to him that Dumbles can't make this go away as he did in the past? ~

Nope. That would involve thinking. Vernon is a bully and bullies rarely think about consequences.

Dumbledore: Harry is going to do something far worse than a cell. By the time they face off, it'll be too late for the old man.

Cho: Cho cannot possibly be related to every other Chang on Earth. It was a bluff, but because of the way she delivered it, it's a bluff that Draco takes seriously. Since he does, so will his father.

Even Voldy cannot ignore the idea of thirty thousand people out for his blood.

While another great idea, just now, Voldy and crew are a local problem. The Queen has the ear of several other governmental leaders throughout the world in case there is a disaster, but I don't want this to turn into a Muggle/Wizard war.

Neither FuManchu nor Lao Chang will be making an appearance. I agree FuManchu would outclass Voldemort, but I'm of the belief that 'Ming the Merciless' would outclass him.

Thanks for the kudo's. I needed a way to let Molly know, but make her accept it. Arthur was the only one who could do that. He loves Molly dearly, but has to impress upon her that he as 'master of the house' has given permission. I hated to use the compulsion, but Molly is all kinds of stubborn.

Dumbledore hasn't told them, because he hates paperwork. That sort of administrative duty would fall to Minerva!

Poppy: "First, I shall cause no further harm..."

Happy reading.