Review for The Haury Jovich Show-The Royal Rumble

The Haury Jovich Show-The Royal Rumble

(#) FamousLastWords09 2010-10-06

Ah you never fail to make me lol girl. I CAN'T BELIEVE FRANK CHEATED ON ME! You got my reaction right on point hun loool. Dammit why was Gee being so sexy with me? The real me would've taken him there and then lol

Omg Jojo is married to Gee, I didn't know she was so pure, no sex before marriage LO-FUCKING-L!!

Poor Haury lol, I swear he's due for a heart attack soon.

I don't want this to end its so funny. I want to say more but I gotta jet. I'm glad I got to read it tho. Thanks hun xoxo