Review for Casting Call!

Casting Call!

(#) mikeyfuckingwayfan 2010-10-20

Name: Jemma
Hair: it's sorta just about halfway down my bak length, but i have it dyed bright red (it's naturally blonde)i have a side fringe and it's pretty straight
eyes: there green/blue but mostly green
Body:i'm a little taller than average, and i'm curvy (not fat, c u r v y)
who i'd date: mikey XD
characteristics: i'm reeealy shy, i love comicbooks, i freaking adore music, i love to draw, i'm kinda an outcast but i don't mind, i'm kinda loud when you get to know me and i like to make people laugh all the time and i'm so sarcastic sometimes it's freaking unreal, i care about my friends and family loads and when i'm upset or sad i go really quiet, i love to sing no matter what, i try to concentrate but sometimes my mind just wanders, but all round, i'm a pretty good person who's a little fucked up (: