Review for New story! Auditions!

New story! Auditions!

(#) XsadX 2010-12-08

Name:Sade(Pronouned Sharday), but I go by Lithium and I like that better.




Weight:118 lbs.

Eye color:Green-Hazel

Hair and body type:My hair sits just above my shoulders and it's cut in layer and dyed bright red. I'm skinny a size 3, but I'm well endowed. :P

Clothing: I wear neon skinny jeans or shorts with band tees or cartoon/movie tees. Converse high-tops or combat boots

Personailty: I'm quiet around people I don't know, but I'm very loud if I'm comfortable. Anyone who knows me knows music and caffeine are my daily needs. Music is like my air. I love to sing and act and I can a little theatrical sometimes. With my friends I'm known as the one who listens, gives advice, and makes everyone smile. I'm extremely open-minded and I let people know how I feel about something. And I'm bi so do what you want with that. ;D

Something about you that sticks out: I'm way more flexible than normal and I'm double jointed. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you want to know I'll try. I've got glasses and a lip piercing on the left side.

What are you afraid of: Spiders, snakes, small dark spaces, heights, shots, big open areas, large bodies of water, and bees.

Which role you want to be: I'll be Gerard's best friend. :)