Review for Murder Me Slowly

Murder Me Slowly

(#) xxMloewxx 2011-01-29

Why can't he just bring her with him? It's like they're asking for trouble! :(
I can really imagine it, Hazel all alone in that apartment Gerard is at work and then Bam! Cole shows up!

How was A7x?? I'm soo jealous but happy for you though! XD I want to see them live too! I'm going te see MCR for the second time! :D

Author's response

Lol. Well, I know if I went to work with someone I would be really annoying, so I suppose if I sent Hazel with Gerard he would be ready to kill her. ...But it wouldn't be as bad as Frank going to work with him. lol.

A7X was amazing! It was my 6th time seeing them. It was so much fun. I do miss Jimmy something awful though :(
I'm going to see My Chem for the second time too! In Orlando. If you are going let me know! Lol. I love meeting new people at concerts. I've made some really good friends from them. lol.