Review for Could I Lie Next To You?

Could I Lie Next To You?

(#) sheXxie 2011-02-09

I like this story so far, but there's just one thing that bothered me. The reason Gerard doesn't want to be with Frank anymore is because he thinks their openly gay relationship got him in trouble. He would be right there, but it still wouldn't change who Frank is. If Frank is truly gay or bi, then he could easily get into another relationship with another guy. He wouldn't be safe then either, because Frank is not scared to show it in public. That being said, Gerard leaving him wouldn't change a thing; Frank would still be who he is, and would still be a target for punks like the ones who beat him up. Except that way, Frank wouldn't even have his rock (Gerard) anymore. =l

That's about it though, I loved it aside from that above. Good detail too, that's a plus! (^.^)-b