Review for All my poems (Re-written)

All my poems (Re-written)

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-03

awww loved that- it was really cute...awesomeness xD it was really good! it's weird, i was thinking the other day about writing some Frankie/Gee poetry...freaky lol xD though i doubt i could write it very well! anyways,i'll stop rambling now, and yeah, if you can please post more poetry likey!!
lol sorry i always give such randomly stupid reviews! xD
CosmicZombie xo

Author's response

awww wow thats really lovely hehe :) awww i love your reviews and the fact that there you babble on and sometimes are a bit random make me love them all the more XD

awww lol thats weird lol you should post them though hehe i have really got into them lately i seem to be doing all of them in maths haha >.<
yep i did one today so will be posting it :D
DON'RT apologise cuz i love reviews no matter what their like
xx coz