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(#) princessofoyownworld 2006-09-26

Jaw drops in shock Amazing. I'm ever gratefl that you actuallly drew it! I' so falattered. Your an amazing cartoonist. My story does not deserve a comic like that, but now that it has one I am going to smail and nod and thank you a million times.

Author's response

You story DOES deserve a comic. The way even just the little intro just makes you sit on edge like that! Pff, I'm glad I read it after you wrote two more chapters, I wouldn't of been able to wait until an update! Good job. And thanks for liking it. It's just for you my dear! Did you see the making of? Sketchy stuff. As soon as I got your email BOOM I yanked out a piece of paper and did it. I was like "YES!!!" hahaha. -Gucci84