Review for The Art of Manipulation

The Art of Manipulation

(#) hammerhead 2011-03-11

I have to agree with OdinMage somewhat and wont go into a long dialog about this, that or the other. As I myself am just too damn lazy too write a story so too you who do have the guts, talent, and time go for it, my hat of to ya. I can usually figure things out, as long as...

a)it is written in one of the many dialects of the English language
b)at least half-assed thought out
c)not full of BS 13yo girl talk.

So just tell me to shut up and pump out more chapters and for Gods sake don't listen to the a-holes who get on here and just start telling you how bad it is and how it sucks, I have seen far too many great stories stopped because of some idiot lets his alligator mouth over run his hummingbird ass and the writers just give up. It's your story tell like you want it told and tell the idiots to f-off.

Author's response

Hey hammerhead,

Thanks for the advice! I think its going to take more than one person saying he dislikes my story to make me stop writing it. I've taken waaaaaaaay more heat than that before. And besides, so far I've received nothing more than helpful criticism, so no worries there.

As to your points... well I don't think I could do anything other than a), I have already done b), and c)... I hope to god I don't start writing like that. As for shutting up, please don't! I like to have some critique to keep me on track. You know how we writers are -- always taking the story in the wrong direction several chapters in and then pissing everybody off.

Thanks again for the review!