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(#) darks00 2006-09-26

OH MY GOD, GUCCI LIVES!!!! starts throwing conffetti I wondered what happened to you. I actually asked that on one of my fanfics. We missed ya! Which story are you gonna draw next? I can't wait!

I have to say, I'm more than impressed with your writing ability. Man, you're good. More than good. Way to go!

xxDarkness' Kidxx

Author's response

Chokes on conffetti Wow, you got my smiling from ear to ear! Yeah I write my own comics now. I'll leave the pros (you guys) to the Delilah & Julius stories.

Next comic might be the Goatman story. If there's alot of fear in the story, dramatic scenes, I just can't help but draw it. But we'll see. Keep writting and I'll keep reading. -Gucci84