Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-03-13

Hehe, I would sniff Gerards underwear...Erm, wait a minuet I never saId that but I might have done it, or was it frank that did that? Ah, well, it was one of us XD
I'm not gonna be at school Monday. Weird, I was writing Monday and kinkyday came up as a suggestion because I'm on my iPod. WHAT HAVE I BEEN SEARCHING?! Oh, I know why, it's because the last thing I searched was Billie Joe Armstrong!
It's all resolved now.
I'm going t throw up, yo.
Bethany Way Iero McCracken Armstrong Leto Stump Wentz Urie Ross Sixx Purdy Horton Hill
( Wow, I'm married to alot of people but my fave is the last XD) jokes, it's actually armstrong or purdy or sixx. Heh

Author's response

haha so would i, actually rephrase that i already have xD
haha lol you make me laugh haha i know u weren't, beth-anne was feeling a little down aswell :/ hope you at school tomoz u better
i know where u live mwwaaahahahaha
haha yes what have u? O_o U strange child haha
you are weird you know that? haha
:D lol your married to a lot of people lol didn't know we were thats weird
haha jokes awwwww lol good choice, though i don't have a clue who sixx or purdy is and stump and wentz is a bad choice ewwwwwq XD
apart from that good but you forgot simon niel and chester bennington but i suppose they are mine hehe
thanks for the reveiw i love ya :)
more soon
xx coz