Review for AZKABAN


(#) no-one 2011-03-14

Its a beautiful story I'm just glad you didn't pull a twist ending like the movie "Repo Men"
Spoiler Alert
where at the end of the scene after mcgonagal fainted it goes back in time and the reader realises that Harry was kissed by the Dementor what just happened to him was the last happy thought and his soul leaving his body.
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Which was what happened in the movie "Repo Men." the book was better and didn't have the twist ending

I'll keeping reading the rest of your stories while i wait patiently for the next chapter in Jedi Potter

keep up the wonderful work.

Author's response

I'm, afraid I missed 'Repo Man'. I spent most of the 1980's either in the sandbox with the Marines or on various flight decks. I looked it up though and have to say, I agree.

Thanks for being willing to read my other works. Lemmee know what you way or the other, please.

Jedi is giving me some trouble hammering out details. I should have the next chapter up in a couple days though.