Review for Auditions


(#) CyanideSunlight 2011-03-18

Name~ Jassie/Jasmine/Jalyssa/Aimee (you can choose. :3)
Age~ 13 but it can be Whatever you want.
Appearence~ medium length hot pink hair, skinny build, greyish-blueish eyes, sharpish features.
Clothes I wear~ Skinny jeans, anything that's black, cute teeshirts with like, adorable animals on it, colorfull socks.
Personality~ Shy at first to anybody, I has ADD, I'm random at times, sing a LOT, I love basically any punk music or root rock (Like The Wallflowers).
Sexuality~ Female and bisexual.
How You Would Act~lol uhm Awkward around ANYONE, speaks my mind a lot, is a bit annoying, bad at describing things when talking or whatever, looovvee my phone.
How You Wouldn't Act~ Doesn't matter. :P
Who You Want To Be~ Either Bob's or Ray's gf. :)
Feel free to change anything, like give me lip piercings or whatever. (: