Review for Shockwave Current

Shockwave Current

(#) DestructionBattery 2011-03-22

Killjoy name: Destruction Battery but can be called either Destruction or Battery

Real name (optional): Madelyn

Age (Gerard and co. are all their real ages): 19

Skills: Aiming at targets, driving cars and four wheelers. Run's pretty fast. Good at wrsteling.

How you would like to meet the fabulous killjoys:That is pretty much youre choise since youre the author but they can maybe either rescue me or that i get together with them in a fight and help them.

Background info: I am an escapee from Battery City and still human i managed to escape before the upgrading and before i got sent out as a drac. I dont remember much of my childhood but i do remember my twin brother beeing taken in with me to Battery City at the age of 7 and then separated and i escaped when i was 14

Appearance: Verry blue bangs but my hair still Black and the blue is on other parts throughout my hair. Somewhat pale even thou the sun in shining all day in the zones. Blue ripped up skinnies and black sand dusty boots and a silver studded belt that my raygun can hang on too a black tank top dusty from all the time out in the zones and finally a leather jacket with the name DESTRUCTION on the back and it has a black hood attached, black fingerless gloves too... (too much? You can alter Destruction if you like too) She is pretty short about 5ft 3'' and has some curve too her body so she's not skinny but abit chubby. And her hair is somewhat long like 6'' past the shoulders

Likes: Music,freedome,food,sleep, Dr. Death's radio transmissions, playing guitar (when abel too), reading and drawing.

Dislikes:Dracs,Korse, BL/ind, the mutated wolfs out there, beeing woken up early or at all, losing the people she cares for and beeing scared.

Personality: Had a pretty good sence of humor and can be nice but when threatened or in danger can be fiesty

How you would like to act: Fun, witty and the rest is up to you.

How you wouldn't like to act:A boring grouchy ass-hole jerk (you get the picture :P) And not too emotional stuff, Destructions not that kinda person.

If you wanna be paired up with either Gee, Frank, Ray, or Mikey (Yet again this is optional): Frankie

Style: Rock 'n' rool!, pretty crazy and wild but can be sirious when needed.

Catchphrase (Optional): Let's do this motherfuckers! (and a smirk too it)

Pets (if you wish to have one): A ginuea pig that had a small pilot hat and a small blue bandana. (optional for you)