Review for Shockwave Current

Shockwave Current

(#) GreenDaySavedMyLife 2011-03-22

Killjoy name: Radioactive Rainbow

Real name (optional):Alexa Layne

Age (Gerard and co. are all their real ages):14

Skills:silence, good with a gun, and knowledge of living with minimal amenities(:

How you would like to meet the
fabulous killjoys: Shooting a drac that has one of them cornered *Frank, maybe?)

Background info: Cane from a broken home and when the dracs killed her mother, she ran from her alcoholic father who worked for Better Living industries.

Appearance: Black skinny jeans with a neon green tank top under a black parade era jacket. Black converse. Neon Green ray gun and her mask is black with neon Green stars over the eyes. Black bangs and tips and the rest of her hair is greeny blue. Her black parade jacket covers the scars and new cuts from self-harm.

Likes: Fighting, detonation, rebelling, punk music, ray guns, rainbows, and unicorns

Dislikes:BL/ind, brainwashing, and crappy music

Personality: Brave and loyal, ready to die with her mask on if necessary.

How you would like to act: spunky and happy, but serious at times. can be bitchy as well

How you wouldn't like to act: Sweet, innocent, dumb, fangirl-y.

If you wanna be paired up with either Gee, Frank, Ray, or Mikey (Yet again this is optional): Frankie or Mikey

Style:Crash queen, with a star tattoed on the inside of each wrist with Rage in one and Love in the other

Catchphrase (Optional): The daughter of rage and love with a ray gun

Pets (if you wish to have one):A black cat with golden eyes named Shadow

claps I freaking LOVE this story(: Update soon, yeah?