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Killjoys Do Kill

(#) Unicorns-are-real 2011-03-27

Lovin' ya story :) it's really good! xo

I could help you out with another Killjoy if you wish :D

Killjoy name; Shockwave Current
Real name; Sara
Age; 14
Background; I was taken away by Korse when I was 10 from my family, I was memory wiped and upgraded into a sophisticated, hi-tech robot. Korse then pretended to be my father but I found out the truth and escaped. I removed the skin from my right arm so that everyone can see the wires and robotic gearing, it also searves as a constant reminder of how evil Korse and BL/ind is.
Appearance; electric blue hair, yellow eyes, pale skin, black skinny jeans, yellow Doc Martens, black jacket with yellow lightening bolts down the sleeves, and a black and yellow shirt.
Skills; I'm good at healing, hacking computers and driving motorbikes.
Likes; Skittles (the most awsome sweets ever!), dogs, motorbikes (especially Harley Davidsons), Diet Coke and cussing a fair amount ;)
Dislikes; long car journeys, Korse and BL/ind.
Catchphrase; Which one of bitches wanna dance? :)
Style; punk, goth, emo and rock.
How I act; I'm tough, pretty much fearless and rush into things that I know I could get injured in but adrenaline rushes are FUN!!! :D I do have a soft side and I'm very caring and always willing to heal people.
Pets; I have a dog called Eric and he is a Weimaraner breed :)

Update soon!! :) xoxo

Author's response

Thanks for the submission im defo gonna include u in my next chap, spice things up alittle ;)