Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2011-04-02

how: i was chatting with some randomer and she asked me if i like them. i didnt know them and didnt even look them up:0 a while after that there was a music special where they played the black parade and ithougt 'sounds cool...might look them up.' but again i didn't...then i found a note (i write songs i want to look up downxD) and finaly sat down on
my butt and youtubed them. first was black parade, then sing, mama & then i already loved themxD
when: i'm ashamed to say it was december 2010...but hey i'm 15
fav album: three cheers & black parade
fav member: i don't know, i love them all but it's sad bob's gone:(
like danger days: kinda...not my favorite one cause the mhh...power behind it's missing but i still like it
seen them live: no:( a few weeks ago they had a concert in the city my father's living and it would've all worked out but i wasn't allowed to go alone and my friends (yes i actually have friendsxD) don't like mcr-.-
the hair question: i dunno;)